Home Security for the Summer

Bassett Lock and Key are the local locksmith firm for Southampton and surrounding areasBassett Lock and key would like to offer some security advice for the warmer months. Now that we have had a glimpse of Summer already, we all spend much more time outdoors and leaving doors and windows open for fresh air. This can potentially pose unnecessary security threats to your home and/or business premises.

Lock your Windows

If you are leaving home for the day, this may sound rather obvious for the ground floor of any building. However, it is important to keep any upper floors of your building secure as well. The ideal scenario is to completely shut your window and then lock it, remembering to remove the key from the lock and put somewhere safe and out of sight. If you really must leave the window open to air your bedroom etc then ensure that you almost shut the window, leaving the smallest gap possible and then lock the window.

Lock your Front Door

Of course, we all shut and lock the front door when we go out for the day. But what about if you were out in the garden? Probably not, however if you are planning an extended stay out in your back garden then it is worthwhile locking the door for this eventuality as well. If you were busy strimming the edges of your lawn, would you really hear somebody walk into your home? Probably not. In the time it takes to dig over and plant out a whole vegetable plot, a potential burgler could be busy helping themselves to the contents of your home! If you are planning a day in the garden, lock your front door and this scenario can be easily avoided.

Summer Holidays

The key to keeping your home secure whilst you are away on holiday, is to make it appear to the outside world that someone is still at home. Putting timer switches on different floors for your table lamps and setting them for different times throughout the night is a good idea. If you have a lot of potted plants and/or hanging baskets at the front of your house, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to keep them watered whilst you are away. If you can’t find anyone to ask, then move the plants to the back of your house/less visible part of your property. That way if they do die off, it is less noticable that you aren’t at home. Ask a friend to pop in and open and close your curtains each day and whilst they are there to move the post off the doormat. Remember to cancel any milk round order that you may have. Aside of advertising the fact that you’re not there, 10 pints of semi-skimmed on your doorstep upon your return will not be that pleasant to deal with when throwing them away!

Possibly the best security tip that Bassett Lock and Key can give you in this internet age that we live in today, is do not put on any Social Media site that you are away on holiday! 

Depending on your privacy settings, it can be very easy for a would be burglar to zone in on an address from a profile of somebody stating that they are on holiday. The potential thief then knows that they have plenty of time to steal items from that house!

If you would like any further advice on keeping your home and/or business premises safe and secure then please do not hesitate to contact Bassett Lock and Key. We will be happy to help you. Call us today on 02380 776 367, for a fast and friendly response.

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